This is the WHY, this is the CHOICE, and this is the IMPERATIVE.  This is why we must make a stand, for the good of ALL humanity, in a non-violent resistance of the Global Domination scheme of the 1% Elite.  The hour it is growing late - the time it has come - NOW.  The need is overwhelming, the challenge is too.  Do what you can, where you are able to.  If we will ALL do as much, we will prevail.

"What on Earth will it take?"  I bought (because my satellite access is not conducive to watching movies online) the "Thrive - What on Earth Will It Take ?" dvd; and for the last two days, I have watched it.  I can not recommend it highly enough.  I am sending my own copy to a close friend in St Louis, to watch & share; and then, she is going to send it on to my grown daughter & son-in-law in Dallas.  It's impact on me is such, that I don't want to hold onto it, I want to share it around, as much as possible, as fast as possible.  I saw the website first; but it is NOT a substitute for watching the dvd.  


This guy - Foster Gamble - one of the descendants of the P&G (Procter & Gamble) dynasty.  One might call him a turn-coat of his upbringing, in good old 1960s style (rejecting the world of his forefathers).


The dvd begins on a hopeful enough note, regarding the already proven existence of "Free Energy" and its potential to address both poverty and pollution; and then turns very "dark" for most of its length, before re-emerging on a more hopeful, if un-certain, ending.  During some of the darkest part, my husband returned from running some errands, and was speaking to me of what he heard on NPR that is happening with the European financial collapse; and how he fears a collapse in Portugal, might impact a product we have been trying to get fully developed now for 7 years, which is made from wine cork stoppers.  I sort of "melted down", from feeling overwhelmed by "the problems", with him.  It was like the straw that broke the camel's back with me.  I had not yet reached the "solutions" part of the dvd. 


And it took some time - some hopeful remarks, after he went for his daily jog - about the independent nature of the American people, from our "founding", in particular how France was poised to squash us after the American Revolution, and only a loan from the Dutch, negotiated by Benjamin Franklin, kept that from happening - AND my own hour long hike in the forest, filling my brain with the mystic views of US Andersen via Kelley Howell's Brain Sync "The Secret Universal Mind Meditation" cd (not to be confused with the "other" The Secret work).  


Foster Gamble (back to the Thrive) has managed (in his own way) to "put together" the puzzle of the BIG PICTURE.  And the trajectory that we are currently traveling towards is not pretty.  It is a totalitarian, controlled society, on a Global Domination scale, by a tiny financial elite who already have a firm grip on the money, the food, the energy, the medical; and have the brute coldly coercive force (the police state), to complete their "grand plan".  


Gamble has managed to make a plausible case for FREE energy, that would totally remake our world (address poverty and pollution) in only one generation, and has exposed the powers that seek to suppress knowledge of that - as well as factoring in crop circles and alien visitors ;-}.  He took his time (perhaps a decade or more, to amass his own "proofs", and they did come - reluctantly) and has solid support from his wife.  Together, as a couple, they lend a very calm and sane voice, to what would otherwise sound totally and conspiratorially insane.  And he has the references and the "experts" to back up his claims.


To me - if one takes the Tea Party, the Adbusters-inspired Occupy Movement, Zeitgeist, The Intenders of the Highest Good effort, and now this Thrive Movement - one sees a cohesive effort by the Divine Mind to turn us in another direction, voluntarily.  The 1% elite, while powerful, do not equal the collective consciousness of humanity.  However, "humanity" needs to wake up - only enough of us need to wake up, to equal the tipping point of "Morphic Resonance" - not a majority.  Morphic Resonance would cause a quantum leap, practically overnight, compared to geological and evolutionary speeds, to send humanity hurtling forward, upon a very different, and much more positive, trajectory.


Only fiercely independent people stand between this "grand plan" for Global Domination by the 1% Elite - which is admittedly Gamble's own personal interpretation, of a lot of patterns fit together - and "the Shift", that so many of us "spiritually-minded" types feel, will evolve humanity to our civilization's next "best" manifestation.

Make a choice, choose to participate, in the areas that you feel personally called to do so.

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