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The Occupy Cafe Dream Poster

John Lennon's song, "Imagine" comes to my mind when I think about this potential collaborative creation. I envision a series of prints of a 12"x16" poster, with some kind of statement on it, of course, beautifully decorated and crafted by the genius of our collective imagination. I'm not suggesting some kind of decree about who 'we' are based on 'what we believe' should be the state of various aspects of our existence and how we should go about getting there. There is plenty of that,…


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A Confusion of Priorities

Actions can be confusing sometimes. We live with so many concepts, things like: charity, prayer, mercy, discipline, wellness...but what do any of these things really mean? How can we live these concepts in our day to day lives? We obviously have to bear in mind that certain values are more appropriately manifested in particular times and ways than in other times and ways. For example, you see someone on the street, dressed in a business suit, rushing around. You don't know anything about…


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My Cat Has Cosmic Consciousness Part III or IV: She Partakes of Samsara by Playing with String

Of course, it is not that my cat merely sits all day and all night in a deep deep state of self fulfilling bliss. She eats, she runs around, and together, we play with string. When we begin to play, she is often uncertain; does she want to step into this cycle, does she not? She begins to bat, and eventually to catch the string, then repeatedly. Maybe she feels rewarded for this, as she lifts her head to my hand, string under her paw.

It is not that she doesn't 'enjoy'. Enjoyment must…


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Part 2: The Anti-Space Race Phenomenon

From what I understand, the space race was about whether the U.S. or the U.S.S.R was the most disciplined, if discipline meant creating durable vessels for humans to go somewhere other than the planet which sustains life. So basically we flew up into space, and planted our flag. I think we won, but I might be mistaken. Anyways, there is no U.S.S.R anymore so we either won, or definitely lost, depending on whether or not it is good to remain, which seemed to be a question in the space race:…


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The New Pony Story, Part I: Humility and Majesty, The Batfish and The Zonkey

Hello friends. Welcome to the New Pony Story.

Let's look at some animals, and think about them a little bit, in relation to our present circumstances. There are quite a few questions here.

This is a batfish. It freely floats around the ocean, basically whenever it wants to. Nobody wants to capture it, because it is so astoundingly ugly. It is…


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Fonzious, The Impermanence Lion

This is a story about a lion. Well, in truth the story hasn't begun yet, and as of right now, I have no story in mind. Let us see where this goes.

The nature of fleeting things is similar to our perception of light. There is some confusion about 'can one truly attain satisfaction from the world of impermanence.' The answer, contrary to a lot of verbiage, is obviously 'yes'. With a certain understanding of fulfillment and moderation, one can easily attain satisfaction, if one knows…


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Initiating the World Prayer: From Everlasting to Everlasting

Bismillahir Rahamanim Rahim- In the name of God, the most beneficient, the most merciful

Can you look this badger in the eyes?

This photograph must be included for several reasons, among them indeed in order that you may look into its innocent, playful eyes. It is not that I am trying to be a ridiculous person or make some kind of joke, here. The world is already filled with enough absurdity to last for eons of funny jokes. It is to…


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Part 2: A Limit to Suffering: The Relentless Persecution of the Rainbow Butterfly Pony.

19 Arise, cry out at night,

At the beginning of the watches;

Pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord.

Lift your hands toward Him

For the life of your young children

Who faint from hunger at the end of every street

- Lamentations, 2:19


Most of us have heard the tranformation metaphor. The caterpillar spins his delicate house of isolation, where he endures the pain…


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My Cat Has Cosmic Consciousness, Part I: A New Look At Wellness and Responsibility


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It's funny to think that our tears can be occupied. Like there is some divine presence on the inside of our tears. I remember one time Rabbi Gafni said that God cries on the inside not on the outside [of His face, presumably] because if one single one of God's tears fell and touched the Earth, the whole world would become destroyed because God's pain is infinite.

I thought it was beautiful, to think that.

Why is there such a deep deep depth to pain and sorrow? There is…


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Inquiry: what is your condition?

Ananada: The Vedic term for the quality of unconditional love, or bliss, inherent in the fabric of reality.

so...why do humans suffer?

Furthermore: do we create or co-create the condition(s) of our suffering problem, or are the conditions simply inherent within the structures of our personal individual to personal collective relationships? Didn't we MAKE those structures? Are we just terrible at making helpful things? 

 Why the heck…


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Crucifixion with the Virgin and St. John


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Navigating the Challenge: A Spontaneous Three Step Approach to Liberation

Step One: Notice your challenge. Identify and name it. Begin the process of visualizing it 'against' you. You should have a real felt-sense

Step Two: Begin to let the tension in that felt sense go. Embrace your challenge in your mind. Simply capture and hold it gently, as though it were a baby animal.

Step Three: Move forward in time with your challenge-free visualizing process. Grow the challenge in your mind into a belligerent teenager. About ten seconds into the…


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 I occupy a space, I inhabit myself. I live here, occupying myself. We live here, together, occupied. The somewhat compulsive quality of our active self occupation has maybe caused our occupation of this planet to bring to mind 'conquest', the way nations have occupied nations, the way we've colonized our territories, in the past. It is funny, you know, we' are one species, people, sharing one contained form, in this case, a sphere- but there lingers in the air a sense of having conquered…


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Final Crucifixion and Mercy II (small)




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Mercy, final.

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crucifixion (detail and full)



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Weekly Cafe Calls

Regular Calls are no longer being held.  Below is the schedule that was maintained from the Fall of 2011 through Jan 10, 2013.

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