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OWS West 1/20/2012 A moving daylong Target

http://www.stillocupied.comOn a cold rainy day in San Francisco many showed up at different locations throughout the day. This is not like the traditional head count that shows up at a march and you determine the success of the event by the number of people who show up. This Occupy event was a moving target with…


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What Mama told Me

The Woman in the Moon

Winter, occupation, full moon.

I awoke one night to a bright light illuminating the tipi. My first thought was that the police had arrived for their nightly visit and body count. as I opened my eyes what I saw instead was the clear bluish orb of a full moon smiling down on my face, peeking through the smoke hole like a playful friend.

“The woman in the moon looked down from the moon

and sang her beautiful song

‘’tis time for all women on earth to…


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Thriving: Possess Nothing, Own Everything

A Path to Thriving: "Possess" Nothing, "Own" Everything…

Added by Gary Horvitz on January 7, 2012 at 6:50pm — 2 Comments

Occupy World 5.0

We are in uncharted territory. This is like no time in our civilization’s history - global food shortages, climate crisis, unending war and violence, corporate domination, rampant systemic corruption, government collusion with corporations, abject poverty and homelessness, mass extinctions - it’s a long list barely begun here. It’s enough to leave one feeling hopeless in the face of such onslaughts. And yet there is hope.

The urgency of these issues has caused an unprecedented…


Added by Jim Prues on January 6, 2012 at 6:11pm — 8 Comments

Raising Occupy

Just as new life begins in childbirth every day, the occupy wall street movement and  affinity groups are being born and nurtured the U.S. and the rest of the world.  The Occupy movement itself is the new kid in town. The baby of the family who initially restores hope and inspiration. The baby coos and she cries and she is awfully cute...the family mascot.

  But then something else begins to happen. We are exhausted. This new baby won't sleep through the night and we must wake with…


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Maine Civil Liberties Union Files In Supprt of Occupy

On December 19, The Maine Civil Liberties Union filed an Amicus Curiae brief in support of Occupy's right to overnight encampmnets in Portland Maine's Linicoln Park:


The brief challenges the constituionality of Portlands ordinace forbidding overnight stays in the City's parks.

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What does it mean to me?

What does this general strike mean to me? Not just for the collectivity, but for me personally? How do I support my wife and family? What alternatives are there for me?

These are the questions that people will be asking of themselves. For some of us in the movement we have already worked out our answers. We are doing what we want to be doing. For other people this represents a huge jump, to be doing what I really want to do in my life, instead of having to go to some boring,…


Added by Anna Harris on January 3, 2012 at 6:24am — 1 Comment

Will China achieve global domnance in 2012 ?

I received this forward from my eccentric uncle (who commented on this with "reads like a utopian dream which will cause a lot of miseries").  I could almost believe it, since the Chinese own all the US debt but I can not imagine such a scenario going down without a WWIII type of resistance . . . by the way, here's a google to…


Added by Deborah Hart Yemm on January 2, 2012 at 2:18pm — 4 Comments

Waking Up from the Nightmare: Buddhist Reflections on Occupy Wall Street

In a Buddhist blog about Occupy Wall Street, Michael Stone quotes the philosopher Slavoj Žižek, who spoke to the New York Occupiers at Zuccotti Park on October 9:

They tell you we are dreamers. The true dreamers are those who think things can go on indefinitely the way they are. We are not dreamers. We are awakening from a dream which is turning into a nightmare. We are not destroying anything. We are only witnessing how the system is destroying itself. We all know the…


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Weekly Cafe Calls

Regular Calls are no longer being held.  Below is the schedule that was maintained from the Fall of 2011 through Jan 10, 2013.

"Vital Conversations" 

8-10a PDT | 11a-1p EDT | 3-5p GMT 

Tuesdays (except 10/16)
"Connect 2012"

1-3p PDT | 4-6p EDT | 8-10p GMT

"Occupy Heart" 

3-5p PDT | 6-8p EDT | 10p-12a GMT

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"Happy Birthday Occupy Wall Street ... thoughts on Year One"

Fifteen years ago, I ran across a book, "100 Most Influential People in History," during one of my dalliances to my local Marin County bookstore. "Influential People" was one man's assessment on exactly that. But how he determined his rankings was the interesting part. They weren't always the reasons you would think. But after thinking about it, they made complete sense. For example:George Washington was ranked in the top 40 of all time. Understandable. But the reason why ... not so much. You…See More
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Leadership Ecology

When a Leadership Ecology occurs, a web of relationships emerges revealing each person’s authentic leadership qualities through the transfer of their power to others. When done in a conscious way – a shared collaborative awakening happens.See More
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