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Half Of All Americans Below the Poverty Line

Just heard this stat on the morning news..a great placard for any solidarity and witness events that Occupy might undertake on income inequality.

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The immortal words of Jesus says "Judge not ... and ye shall not be judge by your own measures." When I see this scripture I believe that he is speaking about judging the condition of a person's soul; judging on a spiritual level. If I point at a man and say, that man is going to hell because he's a thief, an adulterer, etc. then I am guilty of judging.

However If I see a man running out of a bank with a mask on carrying a bag of loot while the alarms are going off, I can call that…


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OCCUPY BROOKFIELD:Mayor's Girl Friend on The Board of Brookfield

OWS had an OCCUPY Brookfield Properties rally yesterday, I gather in the winter garden at the Financial Center.  Both the atrium and Zuccoti Park are owned by Brookfield Properties whose board Mayor Bloombergs long time girfreind, Diana Taylor sits on.  She gets paid $109,000 to attend 8 meetings a year and......dare we imagine..exert influence with the Mayor.   Brookfield currently owes the City $139,000 in back taxes.

A huge police force met the 100 or so Occupy Brookfild…


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Occupy Domeocracy

Ashland, OR (December 13, 2011) –  …


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Recently I submitted my blog on class bigotry to my local newspaper office as a letter to the editor. It may go into publication.

I am testing the waters in my community to do either one of two things, start an Occupy Movement group and/or make a run for the city council in the next election.

The small town I live in has a population of less than 10,000 and most are poor or in poverty. There is a growing problem in the community of what I call "Class Bigotry" where the poor is…


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The Power of One

Occupy the World - Citizens in MotionImage


One winter’s day a wild dove happened to land on a branch of a tree, and noticed a sparrow nearby. After a few moment’s of…


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Citizens in Motion

News of Importance - Resource Links & Creative Ideals

Liberation from the fortunate few "1%" over the unfortunate many. "99%"

The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth—persistent, persuasive and unrealistic—John F. Kennedy

A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a…


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Base Assumptions

The Occupy movement is only the beginning in a constant battle for change.  The old system is coming down, but we really do not know what a new system will bring.  Economics is a farce - bail me out with an unlimited amount of paper so that i can loan it to you for interest - yeah, right.  But barter will not work either, because we are too used to having a price tag denominated in dollars.  The dollars are artificial  the whole power structure needs to change.

I have been on-site for…


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Occupy Michigan..Are You Out THere? Please Help Defeat Michigan Anti-Worker Bill

This bill is a prototype of what the far right is trying to get all states to disembowels workers comp  ( not that worker's comp doesnt need some work) and takes apart years and years and years of work for fair wages and dafe work places.

It is part of a movement that is waging war state by state against everything we at…


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I just posted this on my personal Facebook page this morning ...

Even though I support the efforts of the Occupy Movement, I strongly believe that the biggest way we can change our nation and the world is by learning to care for each other. The argument I hear many people say about those who visit food pantries or seek other aid is that they are playing the system and want something for nothing. Although you may have a few that do that, the majority of people are just struggling and…


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Change Comes from Within: The Sacred Sphere

How can each of us fit into the new socio-economic paradigm that is approaching? Is the Occupy movement and current global conversation just a fad, or is there something deep within all of us that recognizes the vital importance of world-wide change from a culture driven by 'self interest' to one of giving to others, sacrificing one self in the interest of others?

These current concerns are NOT a fad. They have been with humanity throughout history, before the evolution of Homo…


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MSNBC Reporter exposes bankers extraction of money from U.S

MSNBC Reporter CRACKS exposing bankers' extraction of money from U.S ... Occupy Wall Street Anonymous ... Watch this before it gets removed…


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I have a great idea. I wish we could have an evict a banker day where we could force bankers to live in a dark back alley for a day or two in the cold, just so they could get a feel of what it's like to be homeless. Make sure they don't have any money or credit/debit cards on them first. Give them some old newspaper for insulation and tell them they have to dumpster dive for their dinner. Make sure the alley is in a high crime and poverty area so they would know what it's like to be alone…


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The Power of Being Heard

As the deck gets more and more stacked against the 99%, Occupy gets more and more important as a way to get heard. This week the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund released the report “Defending Democracy: Modern Barriers to Voting Rights in America”

From the report:

"Restrictive voting measures will have a disproportionate impact on minority, low-income, disabled, elderly, and young voters, and threaten to substantially undermine the political strength already…


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Occupy Richmond Has Good Meeting With Tea Party

Entirely off the record "This meeeting never happened" both groups agreed and each had an understanding with its membership that all attendees were on their own

It went amazingly well!!!

Maybe others should try the same things and would have the same result????

Who knows what may be possible?  They agreed to meet again..

Kudos and much respect to…


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Hello. If you are reading this now then you are part of the resistance.

Recently, Rick Perry stated in a television commercial that it is not fair that gays have the right to serve openly in the military while children are not allowed to have prayer or Bible studies in public schools.

FACT: Neither President Obama nor the Congress had a hand in allowing gays to serve openly in the military. This was a decision made during a Supreme Court Case earlier this…


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Occupy Greeley has Got It Together!

Just got another fabulous e-newsletter from the Greeley Gang in Colorado.  Email Mil Hart if you want to get on their list.  These guys are IN ACTION and framing Occupy in a way that can resonate for a really broad swath of the 99%.  Way to go, Mil & Co.!

You can see more at their excellent website:



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Republicans Blocking Banking Oversight Nominee

here us a key one front and center made to order if Occupy want to really target what's wrong and who is reposnble for it.  In a further effort to thwart implementaion of the Consumer Protection Agency authrroized by Dodd-Frank I already law Dodd-Fran) republicans are refusing to approve the Prsedents excellent nominee to head this agency.

This is key.central to  everything Occupy Wall supposed to abe about.

This is about non enforcement of existing law that would…


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What type of Nonviolence (if any) are you committed to?

Will the Occupy movement stimulate lasting positive change for our economy and culture? Or will it merely serve as a lingering vehicle for expressing dissatisfaction, ultimately seeming to confirm the cynical view that real change is impossible? I propose that the outcome might depend on how deeply the movement embraces nonviolence in its most profound sense.

There is a consensus that the intention of the movement is to be nonviolent. Yet, I am guessing that many people lack a deep…


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Weekly Cafe Calls

Regular Calls are no longer being held.  Below is the schedule that was maintained from the Fall of 2011 through Jan 10, 2013.

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